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Deborah Vollmer Dahlke

Sustainability and recycling are important themes in my life and work. I love finding vintage pieces and giving them new life. I frequently use recycled silver and gold and I delight in finding new ways to reuse precious metals, stones and objects in my designs.

My father was a master metal worker, welder and designer among many skills. His creations ran more along the lines of vehicles and golf courses. He designed and built from the ground up a cherry red convertible roadster with a flat head Ford V-8 engine. Everything that wasn't painted with fourteen layers of cherry red lacquer was shiny perfect chrome.

My Dad taught me welding, soldering, problem-solving and pride in craftsmanship. I later studied design and fine art at Indiana University and Goshen College. I never stop learning, and take every opportunity I can to work with other artists and designers. My younger brother Charles Dahlke, a talented knife maker, is one of my favorite mentors and technical consultants.